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Irish's Random collections.


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In no order these are, but they are some of work from the past and present(im starting to get back into GFX again) so yeah. Some of the old members might remember some of these. 





Edit* love messing up the spoiler shit!









































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These are awesome!


Thanks. I have some more that I didn't post, I kinda just randomly grabbed some. LOL



I used to be really into making GFX and stuff, then I got jobs that took away time from doing them. I plan on starting again. 



*edit* I think that I'm going to try my hand at making one tonight. Kinda like seeing where im at.

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Omg, Irish, do you remember when we did a collaboration years ago? We should do that again sometime!



OMG YES. I remember it. It was awesome. I'm down for another.



Parasite Eve

It's really nice! I'm liking that border (I might have to try something like that haha) 


Thank you. I was making the sig and sitting there thinking of what I could do to make the border a little different. And have at it.! Im glad you like it.

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