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sasuke chan

help with my laptop

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after the screen went up-side down i went into display on laptop, somehow it was on landscape (flipped). i changed it and it hasnt done it again.. where do i find graphic card settings.

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after the screen went up-side down i went into display on laptop, somehow it was on landscape (flipped). i changed it and it hasnt done it again.. where do i find graphic card settings.

See im glad i was of help. It was a simple screen orientation bug. No virus no nothing. This was something i suggested way in the beginning. Im just surprised the whole alt+control+ arrow up key didnt help. IDK which graphics card you have but simply look it up it should be wither nvidia, intel hd, or ati. just type those up in windows search bar and the settings options should pop up.


 I always tell people they shouldn't assume it is a virus. Programs are programs and they arent always developed to handle every possible conflict between different hardware and software. I always get totally appalled when someone suggests to restore the computer just b/c they assume it is a virus. Take my computer for an example. My computer was burning at 60 degrees Celsius on idle. it turned out that there was a bunch of system interrupts ocurring. The reason...there were old processes left on the computer from previous programs that were trying to run but were throwing interrupts since they could not find their resources. I removed those processes and boom dropped down to 38 degrees celsius.


I'm not berating the person as you put it, my last replies before that were suggestions on what to do and those were follow ups to their replies and also to make sure they weren't mistaking it for System Restore that's built in windows. Kirito isnt exactly giving detailed responses to my replies.



I do this for a living Renzourin, I went to college for this and have worked with Microsoft and other computer and electronics companies like best buy's Geek Squad and college work. This is alot easier to diagnose in person, a single screenshot and not alot of information makes it a bit tougher to guarantee a fix. I had to look up an online manual for their laptop model to get more information about it because they provided little information. They don't exactly give a history of its use or possible issues it had in the past either.









only program i put on laptop is mozilla firefox, bittorrent and vlc player after factory condition.


Are you sure this is factory condition? because what your saying doesn't make sense. You don't just reinstall the operating system and make it like new with everything freshly installed and erased, only put those on it, and then have a virus. Those are trusted programs and unless the site your getting them from isn't trustworthy then they don't have viruses in them.


If what your saying is the truth then I doubt its a virus.


Factory condition is a complete format and erasure of all your data and reinstallation of the operating system and files like new again.


I believe you shared a screenshot of your screen upside down, is that what your referring to?




a factory reset is extremely easy for a virus to dodge and stay on the computer all it has to do is worm its way into the reset code and put itself back on as a "factory" program, the quickest fix to any virus issue is a complete format and reinstall remember to actually format the partition then delete it once you do that shut your computer off to ensure that its not hiding in the ram and reinstall windows on bootup


and john please he's asking for help because he doesnt know what to do berating him doesnt make things any better



Sorry dude but Renzo was definelty not talking about you. he was talking about this comment:



     , on 14 Oct 2014 - 11:48 AM, said:

I find so much more peace of mind using a "harden" version of ubuntu because i narrow the risk of rootkits and the very very rare chance of a virus on my hardware.

No. Hadening does not stop stupid users from downloading stupid files. Granted, most malicious content is aimed at Windows users, but using a different operating system is not the solution to this problem.

@OP, once something malicious has spread, the only real solution is to reformat everything you have. Get SystemRescueCd and dd everything. If you don't and choose to rely on the people who are about to post recommendations for malicious content removal, then you are

a) stupid or

B) ignorant


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