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  1. help blue screen problem

    hey im having problems with my computer, i restored the computer a day ago with the restore disk it started gets a blue screen that counting down to restart the computer ones it restarts it gives me a detail what is wrong with computer C\Windows\minidump\102616-01.dmp. C\user\user\Appdata\local\temp\wer-351671-0.sysdata.xml. C\window\memory.dmp if anyone on here know how the fix this problem ill appreciate the help computer: windows 8.1, gaming computer
  2. help with my laptop

    after the screen went up-side down i went into display on laptop, somehow it was on landscape (flipped). i changed it and it hasnt done it again.. where do i find graphic card settings.
  3. help with my laptop

    @DarkDream787 im planning on getting a new laptop next year, im going to keep on useing this laptop intill it blows up, i got this laptop used from aarons, aarons are the one's replaced the old fan went the old fan blowed up with the new one they did something to it any way's for it to start doing all this stuff. the laptop im looking at is ASUS 17.3" 24GB Windows 8.1 Gaming Laptop from fingerhut
  4. help with my laptop

    by the way im not a guy, im a girl it may be the gfx card going out
  5. help with my laptop

    control alt and arrow keys do not work
  6. help with my laptop

  7. hey replied to your help. check it out. and no you arent stupid. stuff like that you learn with experience.

  8. help with my laptop

    only program i put on laptop is mozilla firefox, bittorrent and vlc player after factory condition.
  9. help with my laptop

    i may have a control panel virus, i have taking my laptop back to factory condition 3 times every time i do that the virus moves to a new place, the last time it was playing with my keyboard and mouse and the sd and usb ports, now it playing with my adjust screen resolution then i put my hdmi to my tv to extend my laptop screen http://i166.photobucket.com/albums/u99/DarkSasuke6861/20141013_144940_zps75ef309b.jpg or could the hp place did some thing to my laptop to make my laptop f***up went they put in a new fan went the old fan blowed up. hp pavilion g7 series a4 vision amd windows 7

    im not complaining

    yea, its hard to find hentai in Mature Realm section and the links to some maybe dead

    can there be a thread for anime hentai, the ep's can be upload to IRC. the adult can download they favorite hentai show.
  13. help

    she was putting up a fuss the first 2 days i got her out of my yard from the cat, she have grown to like me, i have got her a 2nd frog today so she wood be happy. i love her too much to give her up.
  14. help

    im keeping the snake, i can handle her just fine....
  15. help

    she just ate the M size frog i got her on the 15th, she ate it at 10:40pm