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  1. Skip Beat Dual Audio

    @Ragnawind thank you for putting in your hard work and effort to break and upload the English audio I appreciate your hard work thank you and now I will be able to watch Skip Beat an English to enjoy all the funny scenes and stupid scenes in English. don't let me forget to say this keep up the good work.
  2. i 2nd request Honey and Clover dual audio in 1080p upload to torrent
  3. tv show

    Is there anyone out there that can fill this request
  4. tv show

    i know the tv show im requesting is not an anime i wanted to know if anyone can get me America unearthed seasons 1-3 on torrent that is alive with seeder or uploaded to mega
  5. Skip Beat Dual Audio

    ok thanks
  6. Skip Beat Dual Audio

    thanks for more on the update ill still wait for it
  7. Skip Beat Dual Audio

    thanks for the update
  8. Skip Beat Dual Audio

    any word yet on skip beat
  9. Skip Beat Dual Audio

    thanks for that Moodkiller, im still waiting for skip beat to be uploaded
  10. Skip Beat Dual Audio

    anyone get there hands on skip beat blu-ray yet ?????
  11. Skip Beat Dual Audio

  12. Skip Beat Dual Audio

    im still looking for Skip Beat
  13. Skip Beat Dual Audio

    any news on those 2 anime?
  14. Skip Beat Dual Audio

    >_> ill take both on torrent, mega looks like it going downhill ( out of download time not give mega my money )
  15. Skip Beat Dual Audio

    im waiting the blu-ray ADC version to get on the net for Boku dake ga Inai Machi ( Erased ) for part 1 and 2, since ADC does not have part 1 on there net yet, or someone on here reuploads new 1080p ep's for Boku dake ga Inai Machi ( Erased ) from the blu-ray.. -- i have the 420p-720p rips for part 1 from a video site, there not the some as watching them from blu-ray 1080p, if anyone know what i meant by that