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Hola people! How goes it?


Anyway on to myself I suppose!


Since this is an anime forum, it's safe to say that I am here because I love the stuff. I'm an avid anime fan going on 17 years... (I feel old! 27 to be exact!) Though I don't see that changing anytime soon.


Like many kids from my generation, Sailor Moon started me onto the anime craze. From there I watched whatever was on Toonami (Tenchi Muyo!, Outlaw Star), Adult Swim (Cowboy Bebop, FLCL), TechTV (Betterman, Serial Experiments Lain, Dual : Parrallel Trouble Adventures!) and the occasional anime film that would play on Sci-Fi from time to time (Akira, Armitage III, Ghost In the Shell). Been watching anime ever since!


As far as other things go, I enjoy adding items to my Wall of Shame whenever I can afford it (collection of anime DVDs/BDs/figures), fighting games (Skullgirls for life! or it's life rather >>), dicking around with photoshop (Never going to get any good but oh well!), and working on AMV clips ala AMV Hell in my spare time. Phew!


Suppose I'll put a list of several of my favorite anime on here. I mean, that is mandatory for an introduction right?

No particular order of course as deciding would eat me alive! (...nah I lied. Mushi-shi is totally number one)



Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Nadia Secret of Blue Water

Madoka Magica


Azumanga Daioh!/Nichijou!

Black Lagoon

Serial Experiments Lain


Panty & Stocking


Guess I'll end it by saying I look forward to chatting it up with the rest of you about this wondrous-soul-sucking hobby of ours.















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