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Chronological Order - Where Movies/OVAs/Specials fit into Series Timeline!

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Added Noragami timeline since the OVAs are a little whack in where they should be viewed.

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Updated Gundam UC Timeline to include some of the more recent entries and a few obscure entries.

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Monogatari Series


The Order You Should Watch It In: Airing Order

Bakemonogatari: 15 episodes long (final 3 are ONA*), 5 arcs. [1st season]
Hitagi Crab
Mayoi Snail
Suruga Monkey
Nadeko Snake
Tsubasa Cat

Nisemonogatari: 11 episodes long, 2 arcs. [1st season]
Karen Bee
Tsukihi Phoenix

Nekomonogatari:Kuro: 4 episodes long (ONA*), 1 arc. [1st season]
Tsubasa Family
* ONA - Original Net Animation

Monogatari Series Second Season: 23 episodes long, 5 arcs. [2nd season]
Nekomonogatari:Shiro: Tsubasa Tiger
Kabukimonogatari: Mayoi Jiangshi
Otorimonogatari: Nadeko Medusa
Onimonogatari: Shinobu Time
Koimonogatari: Hitagi End

Hanamonogatari: 5 episodes long, 1 arc. [2nd season]
Suruga Devil
Tsukimonogatari: 4 episodes long, 1 arc [3rd season]
Yotsugi Doll

Owarimonogatari (pt. 1): 12 episodes long, 4 arcs [3rd season]
Ougi Formula
Sodachi Riddle
Sodachi Lost
Shinobu Mail

Koyomimonogatari: 12 episodes long, 12 arcs. [ONA, 3rd season, optional]
Koyomi Stone
Koyomi Flower
Koyomi Sand
Koyomi Water
Koyomi Wind
Koyomi Tree
Koyomi Tea
Koyomi Mountain
Koyomi Torus
Koyomi Seed
Koyomi Nothing

Kizumonogatari: 3 part film, 1 arc. [1st season]
Tekketsu-hen: Koyomi Vamp part 1
Nekketsu-hen: Koyomi Vamp part 2 TBA
Reiketsu-hen: Koyomi Vamp part 3 TBA
Owarimonogatari (pt. 2): 12 episodes long, 3 arcs, [3rd season]
Hitagi Rendezvous
Ougi Dark

The Order You Should Know About: Chronological Order
Monogatari Series First Season:
March 25th - April 8th Kizumonogatari: 3rd novel, referred to as Spring Break.
April 29th - May 7th Nekomonogatari:Kuro: 6th novel in the series, Golden Week, approximately 3 weeks after Kizumonogatari.
May 8th - June 14th Bakemonogatari: 1st and 2nd novels in the series. They happen immediately after Nekomonogatari:Kuro.
July 29th - August 15th Nisemonogatari: 4th and 5th novels, approximately 1 month after the events in Bakemonogatari. Summer Vacation.
Monogatari Series Second Season + Monogatari Series Final Season:
August 20th - 21st. Kabukimonogatari; 8th novel; Mayoi Jiangshi. [2nd Season]
August 21st - August 23rd Onimonogatari; 11th novel; Shinobu Time. [2nd Season]
August 22nd - August 23rd Owarimonogatari V2; 16th novel; Shinobu Mail. [3rd Season]
August 21st - 24th. Nekomonogatari:Shiro; 7th novel; Tsubasa Tiger. [Concurrent to Oni + Owari v2.] [2nd Season]
Late Sept - Early/Mid Oct. Owarimonogatari V1; 15th novel; Ougi Formula, Sodachi Riddle, Sodachi Lost. [3rd Season]
October 31st - November 2nd. Otorimonogatari; 10th novel; Nadeko Medusa. [2nd Season]
January 1st - February 1st. Koimonogatari; 12th novel; Hitagi End. [2nd Season]
February 13th - 14th Tsukimonogatari; 13th novel; Yotsugi Doll. [3rd Season]
Early March Owarimonogatari V3; 17th novel; , Hitagi Rendezvous, Ougi Dark. [3rd Season]
Late March ZokuOwarimonogatari; 18th novel; Koyomi Reverse. [3rd Season]
April 10th - 21st. Hanamonogatari: 9th novel; Suruga Devil. [part of Second Season but chronologically the last event] [2nd Season]
TL;DR: Airing Order is proper order. YSK the chronology to avoid confusion.

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Yozakura Quaret: Hana no Uta (not the earlier adaption known simply as Yozakura Quartet)


Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta 1-8

Yozakura Quartet: Hoshi no Umi 1-3

Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta 9-13

Yozakura Quaret: Tsuki ni Naku 1-3


Not a particularly popular show, but currently one of my favorites so I thought I'd share.

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