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Prolly gonna be ignored but w/e - hey guys!


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Been on staff on a site with a huge memberbase so you wouldn't need to tell me to read them rules. Been there done that. :P

I don't usually do this but the template looked nice so I'm gonna go ahead and use it if you dont mind. Oh and please excuse lack of proper punctuation in case you see any. Accessing on phone.

How did you find Kametsu?

Been searching for a site where I could download anime to watch online my nokia asha. Only 240p videos work. Google brought me here. And I'll be frank, my main motive is to download some anime. But don't worry, I'm no slouch when it comes to discussions either.

What do you think of the place so


Just joined so don't know much. Looks good, at least?

How active are you planning on


Depends on how much anime discussions over here interest me.

What are your top five anime?

Kinda difficult. But I'd say One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Great Teacher Onizuka, Gintama and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

Top five video games?

Devil May Cry 3, Assassins Creed 2, Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2 and Burnout Paradise.

What other hobbies do you have?

Reading manga. Listening to anime osts. Typical nerd ones. ;p

Make any graphics?

Oh yes. I did a lot of it. Even have a humongous gallery here. Check it out. Dont do it anymore, though.


Do you have any questions for us?

Umm, can I hope that I won't get to face people with the stupid perception that mainstream anime lovers aren't true anime fans at all? Like, I really do hope there aren't many narrow minded people here.

Oh and I'm a guy.

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Hey Derozio and welcome to the forum!


It is nice that stated almost first up that your main motives for coming here where to download anime, heck that is why I came to this site in the first place, only to find myself become and active member. Out of your favourite animes I have really only seen one of them being Gurren Lagann but I do want to watch Ginatama in the near future.


Just guessing but I take you as a person who loves subbed animes, forgive me if I guessed incorrectly. I am a person who loved dubbed animes most of the time but can easily watch and enjoyed subbed animes.


I know that you stated that you shouldn't need any help when it comes to rules and other such issues but should you ever have a question feel free to ask myself or one of the sites admins/moderators. Hope to see you around, later..

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Nice intro.  Most new member don't but such effort into their intos.  Nice change to see.  I'm also very happy that you honestly stated your main reason for being here, but I do hope that you will be active in discussions as well.Out of your favorite anime...I don't really like any of them.  Not all anime otakus are into the same anime.  I would like to assume you like watching subbed as much if not more than dubbed.  I can watch either.  I don't really base the anime I watch on subbed or dubbed...I just watch whatever looks interesting.  I have much different ones that I go for.  Thou, I do intend to watch Brotherhood.  I have seen the original and loved it so I will most definitely get to Brotherhood at some point.  Not much of a gamer myself.  I do uploads but I'm afraid I don't do those as small as that.  I do graphics...use to do it a lot, but have slacked off lately because of a demand 11 month old little girl, being 7 months pregnant with our second little girl, and moving next month.  A little hectic but...that's life.



Anyways, enough rambling.  Welcome to the forums.  As J-Lord said...know you already stated you don't need help, but if you should...just ask any of us.  :)

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Thanks for the warm greetings, guys. And yeah, I do prefer subs over dubs. But I won't go 'eww dubb' if I do have to watch dubbed stuff. I mean i can enjoy both. And a little girl? Ya better make her grow up to be an otaku too or imma hunt ya down lol

But yeah, sure thing. I'll hit you all up if I need anything.

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