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Well hello there i guess


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Well hello err.. umm I guess. As you can clearly tell I'm new here so help would be gladly appreciated, starting with how to get my valid post count past 15 without looking like a total spazz.



Well, just go to areas that peak your interest and provide commentary.  Like if you are in to anime the go to anime section and read post that you think you may like.  If you would like to add commentary, then feel free to do so. Just make sure you read the Forum Rules & Guidelines before you do anything.  This will explain most of what you need to know here.  If you should have any question then feel free to ask any admin for help. You cannot add a profile pic or sig til you hit 15 posts. 


First off, you should tell us more about yourself to properly introduce yourself.  Like what anime or games or whatnot you like, so that we may get to know you. All the admin here is friendly so don't be afraid to ask them anything.


Well, I guess that is good for now.


Welcome to the community and nice to meet you!  Please enjoy your stay here.  :)

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Welcome to the forum!!

I hope in the process of getting your 15 posts that you will find something awesome about this forum that will keep you coming back and interacting with the community. Where downloads are good, having people to talk to about games and animes is even better.

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Welcome to the forum, blackstaar! Don't be afraid to join in on conversations and voice your opinions. It also helps to lurk a bit and read around to see how things are handled, especially if you're unfamiliar with a forum setting.


Additionally, please refrain from using bright yellow font. It doesn't show up kindly on the light skins.


If you need help with anything else, do let us know!


Enjoy your stay, and I hope to see you around~

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Why thank you all so much for the advice, my dearest apologies for replying so late after you all spent your time to post and help me out.


Things about me you all should know, firstly, I'm black nd im quite positive that that aspect will not be of a problem as I am not a trouble maker, and obviously I am well educated, second my screen name has nothing to do with my ethnicity, I just simply happen to like the numbskull antics of the antagonist from the series soul eater, and lastly I really enjoy this site very much and you will hear much more from me but only in places that count as post.


So keep an eye out for me you guys, and thanks for the very helpful responses

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