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EVE Online Television Show!


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MMORPG 'EVE Online' to be adapted for television

With SyFy enjoying success with the launch of its MMORPG/television series "Defiance," it was only a matter of time before similar ventures were explored.


Deadline reports that director Baltasar Kormakur ("Contraband" and the upcoming "2 Guns") is angling towards bringing "EVE Online," a space faring science fiction MMORPG with over 10 years of enduring international popularity. The game, set 21000 years in the future, explores the rivalry between societies that arise when humanity begins to colonize deep space.


The news comes on the heels of the MMORPG's annual Fanfest, held over the weekend in Iceland and culminating with the developer's confirming their intent to continue to explore "EVE"'s universe in comic books and television.


The multi-player science fiction game includes a massive subscriber base of over 500,000 players, recorded just two months after the release of its latest version, entitled "Retribution." Torfi Frans Olafsson, creative director of EVE, explained his intent for the endeavor to not just utilize its subscriber base as a captive audience, but also as a source for compelling stories to be explored. "My goal is to expand the EVE universe, and I’m not just talking about the races, and the lore, and the stories generated by our own writers, but to take the exciting stuff that’s been happening for the past decade on our service and make more of it. To build comic books, books, film, television series, based on the actions of our players, rather than made-up stories made by writers," he explained. "We think this is a far more interesting approach."


Kormakur, currently filming the upcoming HBO pilot "The Missionary, agreed, saying in a taped statement to the Fanfest attendees, "We intend to honor the game, and honor the players."

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Wow, that's. . . unexpected? I mean, I guess they've been branching out with Dust, but Eve is just SO HARD to get into. The learning curve is ridiculous -- this chart proves it!


But on a serious note, does anybody play for the story? I knew a guy that played it because he was super libertarian and the game economy was his wet dream on repeat, but as far as I knew the story was pretty much player driven. I guess there were races and stuff that kind of serve as a story, and Dust seems to be adding one a little bit, but I'm mostly just confused about what this show will be about. Sounds like the sort of story they force on something until it dies to me.

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Dude this would be fricken sweet. I'm interested to see what the character's will be and stuff. I just hope the starship battle's are cooler in the show then they are in the game. After they closed down Battlestar Galactica a few years ago it left this empty void in my life ya know. I'm sure they have plenty of sets left over from BSG and Stargate and stuff so I'm sure they can come up with some pretty unique sets, makeup, and graphics. Oh man, I can't wait to see where this goes.

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