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Ameyuri Ringo

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Okay, I'm gonna do all the Arabic I can remember that is pertinent to this situation.


... اهلا وسهلا يا صديقي! اسمي نور وانا من


Okay, everything I know after that is OPI stuff that is irrelevant. My teachers would weep for me if they saw how little Arabic I actually remember, haha. My handwriting, however, never improved, so I'm pretty sure they would not shed too many tears over that.


Anyway, enjoy your stay, and let us know if you have any questions!

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Arabic names are kind of funny to me because I'm very much an outsider, so seeing my teachers mix up names that, to me, are so different was kind of amusing. We had an احمد and عماد in our class, and they'd confuse the two of them all the time, despite one of them being like three feet taller. They'd call me something else from time to time, but I can't remember.


I'm glad I retained this knowledge and not things that are more useful.

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