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hello ppl


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i do have one since i hate looking at a blank image how do upload here ? on my other forum they had a button but this one is wierd to me lols


Hi Dark Hunter,


are you talking about your user image (Avatar)? If yes then you have to get to a certain amount of posts first I believe before you can edit those settings.


Quote from rules and guidelines:

"You will gain access to these features when your account is upgraded after fifteen or more posts. This is a precautionary step against spambot advertising."


You can find most commonly asked questions here


Once you reach 15 posts to edit your image (Avatar) all you need to do is go to the top right of this page click the down arrow next to your name then click My Settings, in there you should see Change my photo.


Hopefully that is what you were after if not just say so, enjoy your stay and we will see you around.

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Welcome to the forum, Dark-hunter! You're already about halfway to unlocking those features, so it's only just a few more posts, haha. All those features that have to do with editing your profile--avatar, signature, &c--are toggled with a single button. Hope it's not too much of a nuisance!


Enjoy your stay, and I hope to see you around~

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i like rpgs the most ,mostly console   but i play most types of games other then sports and racing ^^

as for anime  like actions  or animes that have  , its hard to explain power leveling type stuff ?    but i like most genres     i dislike  alot of female heroines  and certain types of male protaginist  ^^  im open minded  to a very large degree

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i love romance books  and read all kinds of paranormal stuff i usually only read female authors  simply because i cant get into male authors for some reason ive tried

art  eh not really thing i like most kinds of music   except opera and country  

i like collecting anime and manga and hentai      uhh  my wife is into manga  so   oh and vampire hunter d novels those are good 

 and yeah dbz  stuff   but i like alot so lols i have a wall full of anime collections 

what bout you?

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