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hi i'm new here


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i saw a video in youtube about this and well i love anime so i signed up. i need help with the downloading Fairy Tail (big fan of that anime/manga :ewhz: ) and i can't download number 30 and i tried others and still can't download anything from different anime's. please help and idk were to put this post so i put it in the seeD Hallway. (if i put it the wrong place sorry)

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Welcome to the forums I guess.

What's wrong with the download? Need you to be more specific so we can help.

it won't let me download anything but i think its because i have window 8 but at the same time it says file not found on some

Welcome to the forum. Usually if you have any issues with downloading something, you let the uploader know in the thread what the issue is (dead links, &c).

oh ok thanks for telling me

Hi and welcome to the forms. As for fairy tail i just checked my thread and ep 30 is working fine.

it my be that i have a problem and not the download file and i'll try it on my window 7 computer because my laptop is window 8 and then i'll see if it works.

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