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When I try to edit my profile I'm still getting an error message "Sorry, you don't have permission for that!", "You are not permitted to modify all or some of your profile information.".

I've tried following the link you just updated and I get taken to another registration page. When trying to re-register I'm obstructed my this:


Ignoring "nopermission" I'll then be informed on the next page that my username is already taken.

I apologize, I understand my introduction topic probably isn't the best place to try and resolve this. Should I create a help topic?

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You don't have to register because you are already registered. By posting on this forum, you are officially a member of this forum. The updated link is for people who are not members of this forum. The updated registration link is not for you because you are already a registered member of this forum.

Have you read the FAQ? Everything I am about to say is in the FAQ already.

After you accumulate fifteen posts, your account will be upgraded automatically. There are certain areas on the forum where your post count does not go up (this subforum, the SeeD Hallway, is one of them). There are areas you do not have access to post in, like the Graphical Division.

Let me know if there is anything about this you are not finding clear and I will try my best to explain it again.

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