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NEW boy here


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Hi guys

Haven't been part forum community in while but thought i'd join see how it goes.

I love anime, video games and card games

I more mainstreamer cause only ever looked out mainstream animes never watched one that isn't such naruto, dbz, yugioh and just started bleach.

I love strategy so really into SRPG at the moment and have loads on my ds. I prefer rpgs to puzzle solvers to challenge my mind with exception of phoenix wright.

I love card games due strategy element and was always awesome coming up strats for yugioh online unfortunately live london uk but most people don't really play card games properly and rather collect so sad.

Well that briefly what like hope i can contribute to forums.

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By far Fire emblem series but there just too little of them.

I am playing advance wars at the moment as heard it supposed to be really good.

Did briefly play final fantasy tactics a2 briefly but loved first although never managed to complete it.

Really been into Tower Defense Genre but haven't seen one thats amazingly good yet.

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Well really only 6 rest are japanese or outdated and others are just remakes.

I see a lot more people making sRPGs

like recently saw a bleach one and pokemon conquest but i think they don't fully understand genre so they fail hard.

I completely agree with tower defense but still search good one. My first was on Byond and it was epic.

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