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Bingougami Ga


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Possibly one of the funniest anime of this season. i've only watched a couple of episodes because i want to get the whole season before i watch the whole thing but it definitely has potential.

Alternative title:

貧乏神が! (Japanese)

Genres: comedy, supernatural

Themes: luck, misfortune, school

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Objectionable content: Significant

Plot Summary: Pretty, busty rich girl Sakura Ichiko has been blessed with an inordinate amount of good fortune, so much so that she's actually sucking the fortune from those around her. To correct that massive imbalance, Momiji, a God of Misfortune, has come to Earth to "treat" Sakura—only Sakura isn't so willing to cooperate. As part of an ongoing effort to remedy the problem, Momiji starts living with Sakura.

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I have recently finished seeing this and it was funny and touching at the same time. The disc sales have not been spectacular (let's face it, at the start of the series Ichiko was a bitch, she was one step away of being villian material) but I bet shueisha will make a second season happen because this has the potential to fill in the space left by Bleach.

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Well, with the way they ended S1 in the very least they appear to be setting up the stage for S2. I just hope they follow up on that.

I believe that was a parody of To Love Ru Darkness, but there was a lot shown in the clip that shows up later in the manga, so it's definitely a possibility.

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