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  1. Albin19975

    Anime Figures of a character from comic I create.

    what you'd use to make it? blender, zbrush?
  2. Albin19975

    Anime OST

    The OST from the disappearance of haruhi suzamia is pretty awesome (Mostly classical/orchestral music). Also cant go wrong with My brides a mermaid / Seto no Hanayome if you want happy music
  3. Albin19975

    Who's your favorite voice actor?

    Probably Crispin Freeman and John Patrick Lowrie due to this personality.
  4. Albin19975

    Japanese vs. American Animation

    i feel like its like quantity vs quality. American animations got more frames and episodes (quantity) but usually really simple designs (with primitive geometry like boxes and cylinders for heads and such) while animes are made at a lower FPS count, around 12 episodes but has more anatomically correct designs and better (quality) written stores (probably because most cartoons are made for children while anime is targeted towards all ages thus the writing.).
  5. Albin19975

    What's your favorite TV Show (non Anime)

    Mines the rainbow quest from 1965. its really hard to find but when ive got enough points to upload non anime here ill post a download link
  6. looks like something a studio would make.
  7. Albin19975

    upload non-anime?

    Thanks man
  8. Albin19975

    upload non-anime?

    Hi. I know this site is for anime but i saw some non-anime uploads so i was wondering if im allowed to upload that as well? I've got a TV series from the 60s that's incredibly hard to get a hold of but i paid a company to obtain it so its now on onedrive so i would like to share it here with anyone interested, is that allowed and if so where should i post it?
  9. Albin19975

    Bingougami Ga

    The funniest show ive seen (including non anime), too bad it sold so poorly. D:
  10. Albin19975

    List of decent action anime?

    Jormangand Black Lagoon Batoon Gangsta Monster (i dont know if it qualifies as an action anime but there are gun fights.)
  11. Albin19975

    What's Your Favorite 1980s Anime?

    I'd say the first season of ranma. The movies sucked tough.
  12. Albin19975

    hey you guys i need some help!!!!

    How about monster? Its kinda like a normal TV show except that it's animated so that would be a good introduction in my opinion. Or perhaps good luck girl? its hilarious.