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Our IRC Channel Rules

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General Rules

  1. Do not threaten, harass, or insult another user.
  2. No spamming of any sort (this especially includes advertising)
  3. No Flooding
  4. Don't publicly announce that you've set people or bots on your ignore list. It's disrespectful and hurtful. So keep it to yourself.
  5. No Guest/mibbit Nicks - These will be auto-kicked so please pick a proper nickname, register and identify yourself.
  6. No Ban Evasion - It will not be tolerated and will likely get you banned on the forum as well.
  7. Commands Supported are: !list, !blist, @find, !tuts, !rules,
  8. Failure to read these rules does not exempt anyone from being banned.


These rules are subject to change at any time. It is the responsibility of the user to read and understand these rules before participating in the channel.


*NOTE: All % also known as hop or half op users (identified with turquoise orbs in Hexchat) are XDCC/fserv bots.


Common Triggers

  • !list - lists all xdcc bots.
  • !blist - downloads all xdcc bots .txt packlists (those that support the !blist command anyways).
  • @find - searches packlists for whatever you type after, best to search via CRC.
  • !tuts - gives you a link to the IRC tutorials we've made.
  • !rules - links you to this thread.
  • !sw - just for fun, can be used once every 24hrs.
  • !loli - just for fun, can be used once every 24hrs.
  • !pantsu - just for fun, can be used once every 24hrs.
  • !cookies - just for fun, can be used once every 24hrs.
  • !start - Starts the Anime Trivia game.
  • /msg AnTrivia !help - Shows you various Anime Trivia commands and explains them.


Adding your own XDCC Bot

We don't mind you adding your own XDCC bot to our channel, in fact we encourage it! The more, the merrier! We'd also like to note, that if you add a bot, you should let us know so we can give it HOP. Any XDCC Bot owners are also eligible to receive +v (voice) as well as a perk for adding your bot.


However we do have some rules that go along with this. We'd really appreciate it if you set it not to plist. This is to help reduce bot spam, as when you have like 20+ bots periodically spamming plists through the day, it really kills the channel discussions.


If you would like to add your bots packlist to our XDCC Parser @ http://xdcc.kametsu.com then message Koby for further details.

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