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New User checking in.


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Hello there! I am Allessandra heir to the imaginary kingdom of Cydmonia... No not really.


I'm a member of several forums on the internet and run my own also. I live in Canada and enjoy watching anime and playing video games, When I'm not watching my favorite show Corner gas.

I look forward to discussing a wide range of topics with you guys. Lets be friends!


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Hi, Allessandra! Normally we don't allow royalty, but just this once we'll make an exception. But only once!

There's a few Canadians floating around here and I think the vast majority like anime and video games, so hopefully you don't feel too isolated, haha. Although I haven't any love for anime, so I'm in the very, very tiny minority in that regard.

We can all be friends! Especially important if you don't want to end up on the wrong end of Mae's Torture Chamber, haha. Enjoy your stay!

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