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  1. I'm 23. I think there are older members around.. So far it seems like members are in the 20's. If I see anyone who is under 15 I laugh.
  2. When it comes to Online rpg games I'm pretty lucky, People will lend me money and give me equipment. I guess its my charm eh? I play Final Fantasy Online its really great and nothing really compares once you've played this game.
  3. It is sad but the OP is spot on. I always see this happen and I'm always the lurker who starts it all over again...
  4. Hopeully now more games will come out at a higher tempo. I'm getting tired of playing pokemon.
  5. I enjoy Japanese rocks bands. even japanese pop bands. My most favorite is SKIN or rather Gackt.
  6. Awesome that indeed is great news. Can't wait to see what movies he will star in.
  7. Thanks for the info, Can't keep up with all these releases!
  8. Allessandra


    I've always played the pokemon games, the handheld ones, never ever the console versions. My favorite one is the yellow version. I still have to buy the new one, plus my DS broke so I'm gonna have to buy one of those two.
  9. Try these two. -High School of the Dead -5CM per Second 5 stars.
  10. 2010, lol anyway I thought the movie could have been better...if a new one is going to be realesed I hope a new director will take sham shams place. I'm a big fan of the animated series. Last I heard it was not looking good for a second movie.
  11. I played the old demo one time and it was sweet! I really enjoyed it I was actually talking to a friend about this game and we were wondering when a new one would be released.
  12. There are a few anime that I prefer to watch dubbed because the voice over actors are really talented. Like Goku, Yugi, etc... I find Gokus japanese voice annoying.
  13. The Kameha wave is my favorite. the spirit bomb comes in second because it takes awhile to charge and use it.
  14. Sounds good, Maybe the girl gets kidnapped by a group of "good guys" maybe demon hunters? This group exploiting her eyes and abilities to find the original fallen angels who were chained and imprisoned along time ago by God. These Fallen Angels hold the key to destroying the demon world. which is the main goal for these demon hunters. Throw in some love triangles between a demon and a demon hunter.
  15. I used a name generator because I lack imagination... Not much else to tell.
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