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Tutorial index for IRC

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This currently a work in progress:
Recently we've noticed that very few people have been coming to the IRC channel (#Kametsu) on Kametsu.com (same as Xertion.org) and we feel that it is because only few know how to actually use IRC. So to fix this problem I, along with kashem2 and rpm23 will be submitting tutorials as how to use the main functions of Kametsu's IRC channel.

IRC Channel Rules

Completed tutorials:
How to register your nickname
How to create a vHost

Incomplete tutorials:
How to install an IRC client on the Windows Operating System (mIRC and xChat-WDK are done)
How to install an IRC client on the Mac Operating System (LimeChat is done)
How to install an IRC client on the Linux Operating System (Ubuntu for now)
How to download from a XDCC bot (Basic and Advanced commands are done)

If you would like to contribute to these tutorials, or would like to request one please PM me.

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