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[UPDATED] #Kametsu IRC channel rules

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I figured it was time to update the IRC channel rules for the present-day. I sourced this from Koby's original IRC rules topic, and made some revisions to make it more up-to-date with our current standards/rules.


Rules marked in bold-red are especially important - such rules also apply to the IRC network in general as well, so violating them can result in network-level punishment in ADDITION to channel-level punishment. Be sure to read those carefully! You can pull up the IRC network's rules at any time by connecting to the network and typing "/rules" in your chosen IRC client.


Last revision: 1/28/2020


General Rules

  1. Nobody likes a bully - don't threaten, harass, or insult another user. Doing so in private can also constitute a violation of the network's anti-harassment policies.
  2. No spamming of any sort. This especially includes advertising.
  3. No flooding. This means pasting huge amounts of text at once into a channel or private message to somebody.
  4. DO NOT publicly announce (either directly or implied) that you've ignored somebody (including bots). This is very disrespectful and hurtful. We understand that there are going to be times where two people just can't stand eachother, but if you must put someone on ignore don't actually mention it out loud, it'll cause more trouble than you'll want to deal with, and we won't help you with people who attempt to evade your ignore list - we'll just tell you to look at rule #4 here. Keep it to yourself!
  5. We don't allow "Guest" nicknames - that is, any IRC nickname beginning with the word "Guest". These are automatically kicked out - please use a proper nickname, and get it registered with NickServ. The IRC network has published documentation on how to register and manage your nickname.
  6. If you're banned from the channel, DO NOT attempt to evade it. It will only result in an extension of your ban, and possibly being banned on the forum as well. If you have some sort of question as to why you were banned, please contact IkarosBD, and explain your case in a civil manner - I am more than willing to listen to reason.  Please take note that repetitive ban evasion will likely result in SEVERE network-level action taken against you - DO NOT DO IT!
  7. All staff in the channel are identified with a mode prefix character - '@' for channel operator, '&' for channel admin, and '~' for channel founders, or in HexChat the green, yellow-green, and orange orbs respectively. You should follow any and all instructions these people give you, and always respect their decisions. These people are volunteering their valuable time to run this channel for you.
  8. If you are NOT staff in the IRC channel, then DO NOT bring your bots into it. We don't care how good you think you are at scripting or coding, we can't be sure it won't massively break and possibly disrupt the channel, spam the heck out of users, things like that. Such bots will be kicked out, along with the user who brought it in. NOTE: This does NOT include XDCC bots, those are allowed if the content they serve is permissible - see bottom of this post for details.


These rules are subject to change at any time. It is the responsibility of the user to read and understand these rules before participating in the channel.


Common Triggers

  • !list - lists all xdcc bots.
  • !blist - causes all active XDCC bots in the channel to transmit their packlist text files to you. Note that not all XDCC bots have this command enabled.
  • @find - allows you to search XDCC bots for files matching the given search term. The best way to use this is with the CRC32 hash of the file. It is possible that not all bots will support this command so bear that in mind.
  • !tuts - gives you a link to the IRC tutorials we've made.
  • !rules - links you to this thread (not quiiite yet, we'll be working on that)
  • !sw, !loli, !pantsu, !cookies - these are just fun 'toy' commands with no real significance. Each one can only be used once every 24 hours.


XDCC Bot Rules

While we welcome XDCC bots, there are certain rules that must be followed. It's a short list, but should be read nonetheless. Remember, we can and will remove any XDCC bot that violates these rules.

  1. Turn OFF 'plist' for the channel - having bots constantly announce their presence tends to create a bit of spam. We like it nice and quiet.
  2. Turn ON 'noannounce' for the channel - again, we don't need bots announcing their new files all the time, this just creates a lot of spam.
  3. Obey hosting restrictions - you can host any files you want to share with users, provided they are not viruses/trojans, 'warez', pirated software of any kind, or anything else illegal. If we receive a report of such content on a given bot, we will ask you to remove it from the bot within 24 hours time. Failure to do so within that 24 hour period will result in further disciplinary action.
  4. Do not discriminate - this means, do not intentionally limit someone's transfer speeds/block access to certain files/etc based on their status in a channel or other personal reason. If someone is being abusive that's all well and good to block them from your bot then, but don't do that for any other reason.


REMINDER: These rules are subject to change at any time. It is the responsibility of the user to read and understand these rules before participating in the channel.

Edited by IkarosBD
RULE UPDATE 1/28/2020
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