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let me introduce myself,

i,m annika and 26 yrs old and i,m from the netherlands.

i started with dragonball when i was al little kid and over the years i became more a fan of the anime arts, unfortunaly dragonball stopped, i begane to search for other series, thats when i found hokuto no ken, kenichi and naruto. at the moment i,m watching naruto shippuuden.

so thats a little bit about me.

do you want to know something just ask:)

greets annika

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Welcome to Kametsu! It looks like you have good taste in anime. I plan on watching hokuto no ken soon, apparently its good but has lots of exploding heads... Anyways, I look forward to seeing you around

its definely worth watching:)

and yes a lot of heads explode in the serie, but that's what makes it different from the other series.

everybody thanks for the warm welcome:D

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