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The Kametsu Experience


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I am so happy that Kametsu is now back! Kametsu is like an important meal for me that I can't live a day without. For the past weeks that Kametsu had been down it felt like I had some sort of fasting and I have never imagined that I'll be craving for anime like this. I miss everyone and everything here in Kametsu and I just hope that it will never be suspended again.

How about you? How important for you is Kametsu? How did you cope up with the site's suspension for the past weeks and how do you feel now that it's up again?

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Yeah, it definitely wasn't anything worth stressing out over. Java and I just passed the time between work and doing chores, of which there's a never-ending list. One hopes this place never dies, especially for people who have been around in way for a long while.

I'm certainly glad it's back up again, although it is unfortunate for it to have to come back in a somewhat crippled state what with the downloads being demolished. Hopefully something gets figured out.

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