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yet another new person, says hi


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How did you find Kametsu?


Basically, I was trying to find downloads and came across this site. The system encouraged me to come to forums, so here I am. Now that I've looked around a bit though, I've decided to actually be here and stay around instead of just rushing the required posts, since that's just rude.

Whats your top 5 Anime?

In no particular order:


My Bride is a Mermaid

Familiar of Zero

The President is a Maid

Fullmetal Alchemist

What your top 5 Video Games?

Touhou Project (it's actually a lot of different games, but I'm listing it as one so it doesn't dominate the list)

Starcraft: Brood War (I still haven't gotten around to playing 2)



League of Legends

What are some of your hobbies?

I am an amateur artist. I'm not very good at all, but I enjoy drawing so I continue to do it regardless. I generally draw fictional people, but I also like vehicles and machines. for some reason I never really got into scenery and abstract stuff.

I enjoy anime & manga, mostly anime simply because I like hearing voices for people, but manga is fine too.

I like both traditional and video games, but because it's such a bother to get people together to play traditional games a lot, video tends to happen more.

I also play piano sometimes, but not as much as I used to. (I generally did classical and ragtime)

Do you do graphics? If so what graphic programs do you have?

I like graphics in that I like to see what other people have made, since it's almost always better than mine. I have GIMP, but I don't use it much for anything except basic working on images, but nothing interesting, really.

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traditional for me means board and card all lumped together.

Lately I've been playing Diplomacy more than anything else. My all time favorite would have to be Stratego though, but I've been unable to find anyone who else who likes it, so I've had to let it be.

ragtime is really nice just because many of the pieces are really energetic and fun to play, not just listen to.

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Welcome to Kametsu! Please enjoy your stay. Im glad to see another Civilization fan, its a pity that the series doesnt get the love that it should. And if you like board games and Civilization, I would reccomend trying to find the really old Civilization board game, bit challenging to play but still fun. And my favourite board game is an oldie called Talisman.

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Welcome to the forum!!! Another fellow artist! It doesn't matter if your not as good as the next guy, to me art is putting your heart and soul into the art. If it makes you happy then by all means go for it, you can only improve!! I myself did Highschool arts classes from year 8 - 12 and now I enjoy making GFX artwork around the forum using GIMP, but I hope to upgrade soon to PS.

Anyways any questions or have a problem feel free to contact me.

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