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I'm terrible at intro posts, but here we go. My name is Kari, though you may call me that or my username. I don't really mind either way. o/

My hobbies include graphic/web design and gaming. I used to watch anime a lot more than I do nowadays, but I still watch ones that catch my eye. I'm still a fan of manga, however. I generally read josei or shoujo/josei series that are a bit more on the mature/violent side (for example, things like Ilegenes) rather than romance manga. Despite that fact, my favourite mangaka is Mizushiro Setona. I really enjoy how realistic her characters are and her grasp of emotions in her storytelling is amazing. *^*

As for my taste in games, I'm into JRPGs, music simulation and visual novels and don't really stray from those genres much unless it's the occasional puzzle game. I'm very fond of the Tales, Star Ocean, Pop'n Music, beatmaniaIIDX and Starry Sky series when it comes to games.

Outside of that, my only real notable interest is music. I like just about every genre, but I listen to EDM the most. I'm especially fond of hardstyle, breakbeat, trance, freeform, gabber, and hardcore.

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