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hey guyz.....

legend killer

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Hi guyz.....first of all i want to wish every member a happy new year....May this year bring happiness and prosperity for everyone....

as for me i am new here......while i was searching some site regarding anime downloads and otherz then i found this site interesting so i registered....

well i am a anime freak lolxx.....

my best anime are following....

1. Death note.

2. One piece.


4. Dragon ball, z and gt....

Guyz can you tell me whats this gil is....Welcome, legend killer.

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Welcome Legend Killer!!! I must say you couldn't pick a better anime for number one hahaha. And yes like you most of us found this place to download animes, all we ask is that you contribute meaningful posts and thank the uploaders of the animes you download!

As for Gil, think of it as currency that you collect every time you post or create a thread that can be spent in the VBshop located here:


And please enjoy your stay and feel free to ask me for help if need be.

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