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  1. 1. Dracule Mihawk 2. Bartholomew Kuma 3. Donquixote Donflamingo 4. Jinbei 5. Boa Hancock 6. Marshall D. Teach 7. Crocodile 8. Gekko Morriah
  2. legend killer

    One Piece

    for me one piece is one of the best anime i ever seen so i rate 10/10
  3. hell yes....i say watch it i watched every episode and always anxiously wait for the nest episode......highly recommended....great story line.....humor and characters all in all its an awesome anime....
  4. the show is awesome i am happy that it is renewed for further seasons....
  5. yep i am a fan of this amazing show.....acting is superb cast is brilliant...well Robert and Cumberbatch both are awesome in their characters i admired both of them.
  6. well for me its gumm gum fruit all are cool but this power really suits luffy....and when he came to full of his strength he can beat the hell out of anyone....
  7. Obviously Windows 7....pro...
  8. the movies i will watch are as followed: The avengers The dark knight rises the hobbit MIB3 BREAKING DAWN PART 2 THE WOMEN IN BLACK...ETC...
  9. thanx for ur concern mate....i read percy jackson series....well dont know abt the other... i read almost 100s books on greek myths but will also check this the red pyramid and otherz.....
  10. My favt shows are as followed: Friends spartacus Rome True blood CSI Fresh prince of bel air. The tudors...and many more lol and also lost...,24..etc...
  11. currently i am reading Greek mythology by robert graves as lol i am obsessed with greek myths....
  12. Hi guyz.....first of all i want to wish every member a happy new year....May this year bring happiness and prosperity for everyone.... as for me i am new here......while i was searching some site regarding anime downloads and otherz then i found this site interesting so i registered.... well i am a anime freak lolxx..... my best anime are following.... 1. Death note. 2. One piece. 3.Naruto. 4. Dragon ball, z and gt.... Guyz can you tell me whats this gil is....Welcome, legend killer. You last visited: Today at 11:06 AM Private Messages: Unread 0, Total 0. Gil: 0 [Check]
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