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A Call to Arms....kinda


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Just finished reading the post from Dec 19th on http://english-dub.kametsu.com/, and as such i took Koby's advice and registered myself. As advice from the admins, i am saying hello, i am a n00b to your site but not to the anime genre.

ronin warriors was the very first anime series i watched as a kid, before i even knew what anime was, from there it went to DBZ and then:

Air Gear


Black Blood brothers



Burst Angel

Casshern Sins


Code Geass r1 +r2

Cowboy Bebop

DBZ S01-08

Darker Than Black s01 & s02

Death Note

Elfen Lied

Eureka SEVEN

Evangalion + 1.01 & 2.22

Fullmetal Alchemist + Movie

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Ga-Rei: Zero

Gad Gaurd

Ghost in the Shell SAC & 2nd gig

Gun X Sword



Gundam 0080

Gundam 0083

Gundam Wing

G Gundam

Gundam Double OO S01/02+ movie

Gundam Seed

Gundam Seed DESTINY

Gundam Unicorn



Naruto Shippuden

Outlaw Star

Reign- The Conqueror

Samurai Champloo


Soul Eater

The Big O

Tokyo Underground


Trinity Blood

Vampire Hunter D

Witch Hunter Robin


Zoids NCR

:greedy: SO yeah, i've been around for awhile. currently watching Dragonaut: The Resonance episode 9. I hope we can keep the anime sharing alive... its about my only source worth getting my fix. animefreak.tv helps but not as good as this site will.


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lemmingllama, CHAVER,

Thanks for the info about "myanimelist.net" i'll have to add them. I'm getting tired of going to lytherus to find my post, and i guess until now i havent even thought of saving my list as a txt doc on my laptop...oh well! Thanks for the input and CHAVER when i'm done with dragonauts i'll give Black Lagoon a try. Thanks again!


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