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  1. Hey everyone im in need of a great artist to help me out Here's what i need: i need someone to turn me into an anime character with a white background and preferably pointing forwards, i thought i would ask you guys first as i know that everyone here at kametsu has pure talent and are always very helpful if anyone is up to the challenge please let me know here is my Facebook so you can see pictures of me and add me if you want https://www.facebook.com/chaver28
  2. everyone add me on facebook so if the site ever has any problems then at least people stay in contacted https://www.facebook.com/chaver28
  3. I didnt know where to put this post so i thought this would be this best place. Everyone who runs this website and every single user...........Thank you this website is the fuckin best i been hear for a while n im here to stay but just felt like tell you all how much i think your amazing and keep up the awesome work Kametsu Score: 100/100 PERFECT For We Are The Anime Community And Together There Aint Nothing We Cant Do.
  4. Hay, just so you know I edited your SOTW entry to include the actual image! People might have signatures disabled. :3

    1. Emotional Outlet

      Emotional Outlet

      Let me know if I pulled the wrong image or something, haha. Just wanted to make sure your post didn't end up getting deleted for being a non-entry.

  5. Mine is Initial D, as you can see below me MOD NOTE: J-Lord has brought it to our attention that this is a signature he made. According to the rules, "signatures must be your own work", so unfortunately, this is not a valid entry. So sorry! ~poetictragedy
  6. yo everyone hopes you all good n i got a question for you all: im love anime anime about making manga like "genshiken" and "comic Party" so i would like to know if you know any others i could watch (preferably dubbed/dual-audio)


    i cant use jumbofile it wont download anything so how does it work??
  8. After all this time i finally got the internet again yay i had no internet since February cuz i had to move house sooooo what av i missed??
  9. here you go guys this is a secret because this location is not in the guide the guide says you get a cactaur really far through the game so heres how to get one about 3 hours into the game =P P.s hope this youtube thing works lolz iIOvFoSqUwc
  10. do you watch much anime or only now n again cuz ur not that active with post n stuff or do you do what i do which is just download n watch but not post cuz posting if time consuming =P

  11. Hey everyone just to let you know that because i work in the games industry i get all the best games early so i decided to post them all on my channel so any game you want to see gameplay for just let me know and it shall be posted on the link below =P http://www.youtube.com/user/chaver28?feature=guide Heres my newest edit project:
  12. nope just me its mae's turn next
  13. ninjas get me hot as well lolz cool name

  14. chaos nice to see you back online man =P

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