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Hmm.. Well, nice to meet you all. :D


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Hey there. Pleased to meet you all. My name's Sveva and I'm an Italian girl. I love all the Mecha Anime's series which means both: GaoGaiGar, Brave Police J-Decker, Goldran, Dai Garn, Dagwon, etc. My favorite colors are purple, black and pink.

Also, I love so much Roleplaying since I was a young girl.

By the way, I only hope to finding around some coolest Yuusha fans like me who love so much or GaoGaiGar or the others Mecha robots who are being like legend heroes for me. :3 Also, I only hope to be all welcomed here, since I'm new. xD

Ah.. For others questions you want to know about me, feel free to tell me whenever you want. :3 (like for example: "What are then your favorite Mecha robots characters in these series you love?", etc.)

Anyway.. Nice once again to meet you all and I hope to be comfortable here. :D

P.s.: Anyway, I've found this forum while I was searching at Google.com for have new episodes of Goldran (much more like episode 24, 47 and 48) to downloading for. Though that I'm also so curious to founding that episode part in which Dran becomes the daddy and everyone of his friends were just all happy when they both saw Dran's 4 babies mechas. xD I found that short episode into Youtube, but unlucky I couldn't figure in which episode it was coming from.

And also, I like so much this forum because it's totally awesome. :D It's the best for someone like me!! ^^

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