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hello all, new here

i watch a lot of anime, i sometimes prefer the dubs over subs as im too lazy to read subtitles alot.

i've watched:



code geass,

gundam seed,

gundam wing,


samurai X.

if you have any suggestions for any good series feel free to recommend some

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Hey Uchihadragon, welcome to Kametsu forums.

If you download any anime be sure to thank the uploader for taking their time to upload!

Some recommendations since you asked:

If you liked Inuyasha, you should check out D.Gray-man.

If you liked Gundam Seed, you should check out the other Gundam series.

If you liked Samurai X, you should check out Ninja Scroll (the movie is better than the series).

If you liked Dragonball, you should check out Yuyu Hakusho.

Hope you have fun, and enjoy your stay.

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