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Hey guys and gals, says i should post so just gunna say hi! I've loved anime's since i was about 12.... 21 now ha! Ive always found the story's and character development much more interesting than movies now a days. My fav's would be Death Note, Full Metal Alchemist, Furi Curi, Evangaleon, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Outlawstar, Black Cat..... Infact i've loved everyone ive watched so far!!!!

Any recomendations would be greatly appreciated :ewhz:

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Hey wizkid6000, welcome to Kametsu forums.

If you download any anime be sure to thank the uploader for taking their time to upload!

Some recommendations since you asked:

If you liked Death Note, you should check out Code Geass.

If you liked Code Geass, you should check out Gundam 00.

If you liked Fullmetal Alchemist, you should check out Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

If you liked Fullmetal Alchemist, you should check out Soul Eater.

I have never seen Furi Curi, Evangeleon, or Black Cat.

Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, and Outlaw Star are all great series.

Hope you have fun, and enjoy your stay.

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Deffinatly will be thanking the uploader!, and cheers for the suggestions.

Will be downloading Code Geass next then it seams :)

I recommend watching Black Cat and Furi Curi as there quite commical series, and very entertaining to watch. Evangalion (however its spelt lol) is weird to say the least, very good in the first few episodes but then just goes sick! Sick as in I had no idea what was going on lolz!

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I can also recommend some of my top anime favorites.. although they wouldn't be something similar to recommend for what you listed above.

I'd say you should check out Black Lagoon, Darker than Black, Eureka Seven, Gurren Lagann, D.Gray-man, Yuyu Hakusho, Spice and Wolf, and Basilisk.

If you watch any subtitled anime.. I would recommend Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 and ef ~ a tale of memories.

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