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Spring 2010 Anime Season


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It's that time of year again, yes another season.


^^^ List of all Spring 2010 series and what sub groups sub them.


So what are you picking up or considering picking up this season and what do you think about them?

Sequel Series I'm Picking Up Because of Previously Seen Seasons:

Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor

Airs: March 26th

Episodes: N/A

Comment: The first season of Ikkitousen was great, second season wasn't, and third season was nothing but fanservice. But all in all it hasn't stopped me from watching this yet, lolz. Here is to hoping it follows more closely to what season one had going for it.

Shin Koihime†Musou ~Otome Tairan~

Airs: April 01st

Episodes: N/A

Comment: Okay, so Shin Koihime†Musou was a spin-off of Koihime†Musou and not a direct sequel. Koihime†Musou was alright, but Shin Koihime†Musou wasn't so much... I still haven't finished it.. so it's very questionable as to if I will really be picking this second season up. Chances are I will end up not watching it.

New Series I'm Picking Up:

Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou

Airs: April 02nd

Episodes: N/A

Comment: This show here is probably the highest on my anticipated series to pick up with season aside from Ikkitousen XX. It actually reminds me quite a bit of Ikkitousen though. The story of "love, magic, and battles" revolves around Akuto Sai, a boy who aims to become part of his country's highest order of magicians and contribute to society as one of its clergy. On the day he is admitted into the Constan Magical Academy, his aptitude test predicts the following: "Future Occupation … Devil King." Thus begins his severe school life in which he is resented by his studious female class head, desired by a girl with mysterious powers, and guarded by a beautiful female android.

Angel Beats!

Airs: April 02nd

Episodes: 13

Comment: Every time I think of this show it reminds me of the Hollywood Movie I saw advertised a while back called "Legion". In a world after death, angels fight for their fate and their future. It's not exactly high on my watch list, but I'm at least interested enough to check it out for a couple episodes and decide from there.

Senkou no Night Raid

Airs: April 05th

Episodes: N/A

Comment: "The story is set in Shanghai in 1931, when the Imperial Japanese Army has been dispatched to mainland China due to the relatively recent First Sino-Japanese War, Russo-Japanese War, and World War I. In this cosmopolitan city of intrigue, there is a special military spy organization called "Sakurai Kikan" that has since been buried in history." I'm actually quite looking forward to watching this one. It seems to be very interesting.

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru

Airs: April 11th

Episodes: N/A

Comment: This series started off pretty decent on my anticipation list to watch, but it has dropped since then after seeing a trailer. It might be okay, but it might end up just being another dropped series. Plot? "Sakurai Yuki is a mysterious boy with a mysterious ability. He was found in the bushes as a baby and adopted by his current family. Because of this, Yuki strives for independence. The last thing he wants is to be a burden to anybody. Furthermore, when he touches others, he can feel their emotions. Unable to control his ability, he often made insensitive blunders in the past. With death threats and his abilities increasing, what will happen when a man claiming to be his older brother appears?"

New Untitled Da Capo

Airs: N/A Spring

Episodes: N/A

Comment: Nothing is known about this season yet.. and I haven't watched previous seasons yet either. I have had them downloaded for over a year though, and I do plan to check them out. My sister has watched all the previous seasons and liked them, so even if I don't download them, she will anyways.


All in all, I'm currently possibly picking up 7 new shows, although 1 is a show I haven't seen previous seasons yet but do have planned, 2 other series are possible drops, and 1 series (Shin Koihime†Musou ~Otome Tairan~) is most likely to be dropped. So with that said, that leaves actually 5 or 6 shows I'll actually be watching on a regular basis unless I dislike one of them.

So it's yet again, a pretty big pick-up list.. which I wasn't planning to pick up so many. I'm already behind on last seasons series I had picked up, and have over 500 GB's of downloaded Anime I haven't watched yet as well.

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Ahh! Spring is in the air! I am interested in two from that list....

Major Season 6

Airs: April 03rd

I am so super excited! And, because I don't follow the manga, I have no idea what's going to happen in this season. I love Major because I get so involved in the plot - I can be crying one minute and then laughing the next (or that could just be my hormones lol). Minor Ja Nai can be a little slow subbing it, but it's worth the wait. The first three seasons were awesome, but season 4 was different. It was missing something. I still enjoyed it, but I guess it wasn't as entertaining because it somewhat deviated from the plot pattern that was set in seasons 1-3. I feel that season 5 regained what was lost during season 4. Onwards to season 6!!!!

Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou

Airs: April 02nd

I have a feeling I might like this one. It's worth checking out. Not familiar with Doki.

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