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Plugin Removals, etc.


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I've decided to remove some of the modifications/plugins I had installed for the forum, because I felt they were no longer needed or used or because they had outlived their purpose.

I also fixed a few minor things here and there and tidied up the place a little.

When I can manage to get $250 (yes vB version 4 costs that much now) for the forum upgrade... I'll be removing the RPG System, Arcade, and Triple Triad.

The Arcade might be re-added afterwards if there is an up to date release with more games. However Triple Triad and the RPG System have not been updated in several years and will not be compatible with the new forum upgrade.

With that upgrade, I plan on removing the current Kametsu website, and implementing it into the Content Management System (CMS) that comes with vBulletin 4.0+. Which will probably mean the forum will be moved to kametsu.com instead of being forums.kametsu.com and it will mean I can have more control over the site and implement member only pages and bonus stuff that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to do.

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