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oh my zomg


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i have an itchy foot ):

but hellos! i am +20%.. feel free to pronounce that anyway you like, not even i'm sure how to pronounce it.

but anyway, i'm 18, a college student going to university next year to study religious studies and i work in a typical olde english pub.

i found kametsu aggeesss ago, and bookmarked it because it said "anime source coming to a site near you!" or something, and then 4 or 5 months later it finally did come, or at least the forums, and i needed a place to crash and wazzah.

i've been a bit lax with rpg's lately, concentrating on fighting games and the occasional sidescrolling game, but ofc my favourites include final fantasy, grandia, breath of fire and xenosaga.

i was a pretty decent graphicteer back in the day, practicing my bling-bling on photoshop and then doing the good old famous sotw and gfx battles as forums do, i need to practice up though D:

anyways, that is probably the most i've ever talked about myself. ever. so feel free to ask questions and i'll see most of you in times to come ;D!

~ +20%

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