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Hi all


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Hi all fellow:dhh:

I just found your forum crusing around the net

My favor anime:

1. Naruto/Naruto Shippuden

2. Dragon Ball (DB, Z, Kai, GT)

3. Detective Conan

4. Digimon


I join your forum to make friends :dhh: and watch anime that I didn't know

Have a nice day, fellow:dhh:

see ya:byebye:

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Hi and Welcome,

No one important, I been around the site for months, though only recently joined the forums.

My favor anime:

1. Cowboy Bebop

2. Dragon Ball (Original)

3. Mobile Suit Gundam (Zeta, 00, Wing)

Currently Watching:

1. Kekkaishi

2. Darker Than Black

(This could become a thing) :happy:

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Good to see the orginal Dragon Ball and Case Close/Detective Conan on your lists. They're some of my favorites, too.

My top 5:

1) Tenchi Muyo series

2) Ranma 1/2

3) Case Closed

4) Love Hina

5) Ah! My Goddess

Many are tied to old memories. Unfortunately, it looks as if Case Closed will never finish with dubbed episodes.

oh well...

Stay friendly.

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