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To state the obvious: here in lies a n00b!


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Hello! I be a n00b!

Well, love anime, haven't watched a lot of dubbed, so I'm interested in finding some decent dubbed anime. I also like to discuss things!

I am a huge huge music snob as well! I don't know if I'd say snob, but I got in the habit of listening to lots of different music (through the internet and through running a radio show in college) and now I have a hard time not wanting to find something new and fresh!

I like anime/music/movies/media to have an experimental bent. I want something to be as truly unique as possible.

Anyone seen Enter the Void? This movie blew me away! Warning: not for the faint of heart. Gross, nasty, very adult, and very scary in a real gritty kind of way. Sometimes I'll be reminded of the movie and I freak myself out because I feel like his memories are mine! That's how well this movie gets in your head...disclaimer: if you LET it get in your head. I've heard some get bored of it, but like I said earlier, I like things that are quirky, weird, crazy.

Looking forward to meeting you all!


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