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Im not going to say my real name here...xD In case someone from school is going to bully me with beeing a geek, I rather keep myself in shadows in school... But they found some bullying material on my facebook so Im carefull for now on...

Lets start with introduction;

Im 17 years old, going to turn 18 this summer. I live in a little town just about 10 kilometres from Eindhoven in The Netherlands... I like music, playing the guitar, anime & manga, reading & writing. I also really like to hang out with my friends and making new friends!:P

Well, if you want to know more about me, just ask (in a polite way!)

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No worriez, i am the most polite person i know! *grins* And omg! If anyone called me a geek for loving anime i would sooo make the innards of that person become outtards.... *cracking knuckles* >_< Nice too meet you, and welcome!

It's a deal! And if you need any help or sth, don't hesitate to ask me. ^_^

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Very nice to meet you, and welcome to the forums:)

I hope you don't encounter anymore bulling, and I hope you enjoy your stay here. Most of the people here are very nice and willing to help if asked. As Oblivia has shown, lol.

*looks at the principle of your school* "I just don't know what happened" *while hiding the ray-gun behind my back and looking at the pile of ash on the floor* well so much for those bullies.

If only it were that simple, lol.

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