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Kinara Uzumaki

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Hello everyone! I'm a new member to this website. I wanted to find a place to download Naruto Shippuuden episodes free and this looked like a great site for that. Oh and my RP name which I'm so fond of is Kinara Uzumaki

I just read the guidelines so I thought that I should follow it to some extent.

I found this website some time ago but only recently did I realize that it's great. I was hunting for a place to download Naruto Shippuuden episodes.

My Top 5 Anime is topped by Naruto of course.....together with the Shippuden. I also love Black Cat, Inazuma Eleven, Dear Boys and Yu Yu Hakusho.

I don't play video games because I'm really not into that sort of games. I prefer ones that challenge the brain.....not just the fingers.

Reading, Singing, Listening to music, Writing, Drawing and Collecting stuff are my hobbies.......Reading rules of course!

I'm very sad to admit I haven't learnt graphics but I hope to, soon.

So I guess that's it....

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