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Signature Size Limitations [Updated 2 Oct '12]

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Images in Signatures: TL;DR Version

Maximum Total Size Limit [images and Text inclusive]:

Width: 600px

Height: 220px

Maximum of four lines of code

No images in spoilers

No adult content

How to make the most of the four line maximum!

Use the TOPIC tag instead of URL.

Example! This links back to this thread.

[topic='121']Example! This links back to this thread.[/topic]

If you are linking to specific posts, there is also a tag for that.

Link to second post in this thread!

[post='231718']Link to second post in this thread![/post]


Use URL shorteners like TinyURL or sites that specific generate shorter URLs for images like TinyPic.


If you're linking to a subforum, everything after the dash in the URL can be removed.

To the Broadcast station!

[url="http://forums.kametsu.com/index.php?/forum/6-"]To the Broadcast station![/url]

This also works for links to threads and specific posts. It's a little trickier with posts, but it's the same basic thing--remove everything after the dash, but before the slash.




However, it's best just to use the TOPIC and POST tags instead for maximum efficiency.

Expanded Rules

(1) Be considerate of other users. People out there with slow connections will not enjoy waiting five minutes for a page to load because you have a huge, graphics-heavy signature.

(2) Images can be no wider than 600 pixels. Any wider than this and it will distort the layout of the forum wherever you post. People with small screens will not enjoy having to scroll horizontally constantly.

(3) Images can be no taller than 220px. This becomes an especially troubling problem when your signature is regularly longer than your posts.

(4) Use your best judgment. You can stack two images that are 100px each on top of each other and be within the height limitation. Be mindful of your signature's size if you utilise text.

(5) Your text goes towards the height limit. How much room you have for text is dependent on how large your signature image is. If you must have a large quantity of text, there are a couple ways to deal with it--just remember that you can only have a total of four lines of code for your signature.

( a ) Have the text written else where on the Internet and link to it.

( b ) Use spoilers for TEXT not IMAGES.

( c ) Make the font small. (This only goes so far.)

(6) If your signature is found to be too large, you will receive a message regarding its size and a request to shorten it. Failure to comply within two weeks will result in the removal of the offending image. Attempts to replace the same image will result in a warning and the removal of the image once more.

Three warnings result in a temporary ban. Four warnings result in a permanent ban. Our memory is long. Don't think anyone has forgotten your prior infractions.

(7) Please do not remote link/hotlink to other sites. You are using their bandwidth every time you make a post. There are several image hosting sites for your use if you don't own a website--photobucket.com, imageshack.us, xs.to, villagephotos.com. A quick Google search will land you at least a dozen more.

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Previous version for posterity.

Images within signatures...

There is a MAXIMUM size limit for images within signatures.

(1) We have rules like this for a reason - There will be people out there with slow connections, and they will not enjoy waiting five minutes for a page to load because you have a huge graphics heavy signature.

(2) Images can be no wider then 600 pixels, due to the fact that any wider then this, it will distort the layout of the forum where ever you post. Also with people having small screens, having to scroll across the page to read the last few words of every line is not fun.

(3) If the image you want to use is banner shaped, (rectangular) Please make sure that the height is no larger then 220 pixels, or else we are venturing into the realms of people having signatures that are three times longer then their posts.

(4) Depending on the sizes of your images, tells how many images you may have. So we ask that you use your own judgment, for example, if your banners are 100 pixels high, then there may be a limit of around two that you can fit in, however, if it's 200 pixels high then you don't really leave yourself room for much text or anything.

(5) Please try to limit your text to about 4 lines if all your images is equal or around 150 pixels high together. If your signature is 200 pixels high try to limit text to one line please. So if you are planning on using a lot of text, e.g a forum family list, or lyrics, then there are ways to minimize the space used:

(a) Have the text written else where on the internet and link to it. (only as a desperate measure, if you plan on using that much text)

(6) If I personally see a signature that looks particularly large, then I will check it myself, it doesn't take but about 3 seconds to check its measurements. If it is too large, then I will take the time to PM you and tell you so. If you fail to remove/resize the image within a week or so of receiving the PM then I will remove it myself and PM you that I have done so. If you try and replace the signature I will most likely issue a warning to you and remove the image in question again.

In case you didn't know, 3 warnings results in a temporary ban then 4 result in banning for good, and we have a staff list of people who have received warnings, so don't think we'll forget about it.

On a side note, if you are taking images from another website for use within your signature DO NOT remote link to them, this is inconsiderate and uses THEIR bandwidth every time you make a post. If you want to use an image from a website save it, and host it on your own system. There are many free image posts, such as quizilla.com , villagephotos.com, photobucket.com, and imageshack.us alternatively if you have your own website you can use your own bandwidth and host from there.

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