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Hi, my name is Khizer and I am new here... I love watching anime and enjoy sketching them too although Im not quiet good at it but hey everyone aint a pro when they start right... Anyway I am an Engineering student with my major in Electronics, apart from that I like music alot and my favorite anime right now is Code Geass ... I also love its OST "madder sky" ...so that oughta give u an Idea abot me ... anyways Right now we have got these winter holidays here and I was thinking of starting my own anime website ... It's funny because i dont know the first thing about coding or wat its gona be about, I was thinking that you guys might have any nyce ideas...:D

And another thing I totally love it here cuz i'v been hunting down "Dubbed Version of Vamipre Knight" everywhere and this is the only place i have found them with the exception of first 4 episodes so thanx alot guys.... Hope to assist you guys in any way I could...:D

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