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[IMPORTANT] Emergency Kametsu migration

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Hey everyone,


My sincerest apologies first and foremost for that lengthy downtime we had. The previous host company and I kinda got on eachother's bad sides and there was a falling out as a result, and this required me to move the site to a new host post-haste.


This of course meant DNS changes, file and database migrations, reconfiguration of the backend, etc - this is why it took so long to complete. Everything should be good to go now, but I'll leave this thread open in case anyone experiences difficulties somewhere in the site.


I again sincerely apologize for that downtime!

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18 hours ago, Zemekis said:

So far, so good for me. Thanks for your effort & keeping things running. You've got me curious as to what happened between you & the previous host!

Bit of a long story, really don't want to go into too much detail but let's just say the core of the issue is them changing specific settings on my account I gave them no permission to do, then lying about it when asked. That's more than enough to lose my trust and, by extension, my business.

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