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[IMPORTANT] Kametsu email functionality restored (FINALLY!)


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EDIT: The database crashed while I was posting the original status update and email topics to announce this. The server's autorecovery function appears to have fixed this, and there doesn't appear to be any lasting ill effects as a result of that crash.


It was a long time coming, but I've FINALLY accomplished what I had set out to do as per this post:


Email functionality has been fully restored to Kametsu! This took a ton of effort to set it up the way I needed it to be set up (securely, of course), and to perform the relevant testing and ensuring it worked as expected - AND doing all that while still juggling my really busy work schedule, life issues, and relevant distractions (gaming especially - can't help myself but play some of the games in the The Legend of Heroes saga. These are INCREDIBLE games. starting with the Trails In The Sky trilogy, then the Trails from Zero and Trails to Azure duo, then the Trails of Cold Steel set of 4 games - I recommend these awesome JRPGs! </shameless plug>)


(coughs) With the email functionality restored, the REGISTRATION has been enabled once again. Please make sure to use an acceptable email address - there are a few email restrictions in place:

  • Hotmail/MSN/Live.com/Outlook.com will NOT work because Microsoft almost always refuses to accept email from our servers despite our repeated attempts to get them to whitelist us.
  • iCloud/me.com are currently disallowed, sometimes Apple gives us issues more often than not so rather than piss them off further we just disable sending to those addresses.
  • Any so-called "temporary" or "disposable" email addresses - this is already forbidden by Kametsu policy, and the mail server being used will enforce this by refusing to send to any of these.

If your email address falls into any of the above 3 providers/restrictions, then you should expect that you will never receive any email from us, as I have configured the mail server to reject these. Please use an alternative email if you can, there are plenty of secure alternatives out there.


If there are any issues with emails you are expecting to receive, please send a DM to *BOTH* myself and Koby to let us know about it. Koby cannot access the mail server itself but he CAN look at the email error logs to determine what went wrong, and I can do the needed troubleshooting on the mail server side.


Thanks so much for your patience while I got this fixed up at long last!

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Updated to include info on DB crash
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