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[ALERT] NEW email issues list - if you can't receive any email from us read this!


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Decided to recreate the old email services list topic here for reference.


If you are having trouble receiving email, try checking this topic to see if your email provider's on this list. If it is, there may not be much we can do about it, it'll just depend on the specific provider's policies.


Note that some providers on this list are permanent and will never be removed. These will usually be known spam domains or abusive domains. Others will remain on this list until any known issues with them are confirmed resolved. This list is based solely on email-related error messages in the server's mail logs.


IMPORTANT:   Any "disposable" email service (DisposableInbox, Mailinator, TrashMail, Spamgourmet, others etc), as per Koby's (and Kametsu forums) policies, are never acceptable. Koby has some filtering already in place to catch a majority of these, and I will likely install additional mechanisms to further restrict this and make this policy easier for Koby to enforce.


Last update was June 26, 2023


Email providers disallowed because of technical problems:


  • AOL Mail - this includes any email address in the domain of aol.com, aim.com, love.com, ygm.com, games.com, and wow.com. AOL's mail servers are refusing mail from Kametsu's server, and the recent inquiry to AOL's postmaster has not resulted in satisfactory results, as they are still refusing to allow our system to deliver mail to their users. Therefore, due to AOL's unwillingness to remove their blocks, we must place all of AOL's email domains on the disallowed email list. If you use one of these domains, please use something else.
  • BT Internet (ISP email) - if you are a BT Internet customer, and you use an ISP-provided email here, chances are it won't work or will otherwise experience delays. A number of times, BT Internet servers have outright refused to "talk" to Kametsu's server altogether. There isn't anything that can be done about this, so the best solution here is to just not use your ISP email here for the time being until the cause can be nailed down.
  • Educational institutions (*.edu) - Currently, if you use any email address in the .edu (educational institution) domain on this forum, chances are it will not work here. Given some of the content of Kametsu forums, some of these systems consider them spam, or otherwise detect a spam URL in the content and refuse to accept it. This mainly applies to emails sent for new replies on topics. Many of these providers filter out download host URLS (like MEGA, for example) in the email content and refuse to accept it based on that. If you wish to receive email updates on such topics, you'll just have to use a different email, there's nothing that can be done about it. Sorry.


Email providers having temporary trouble with Kametsu-generated mails:

  • Hotmail/MSN/Outlook.com addresses - Microsoft is currently blacklisting our mail server IP, and we are not able to send any email to users with these email addresses. This includes registration validation emails. At this time, this is being considered a temporary issue, but if Microsoft refuses to budge or work with us we will permanently disallow these. We really hope not to have to do this because of their usage, and we're exploring other alternatives to bypass their blocks.
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