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World Trigger


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So I just watched or really rewatched this anime,   It ended on episode 73 which was half way through the season.   At the time they had caught up to the manga more or less but for whatever reason Tokyo tv cancelled the slot it was in.   I wished they would bring it back as it seemed to have a ways to go.   Cannot find any current news about it  so unfortunately it appears dead and if I want to know  what happens I will have to read the manga which some prefer but I don't.

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If I remember correctly, the mangaka was injured or ill, and he has made no new statement about WT. It may come back at some point, but I wouldn't count on it. Especially when it comes to the anime; WT might return as a manga but I don't really see the anime coming back unless it is proven that there's still enough interest in the manga.

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