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  1. Well, that was quick! I'm really excited about it! Cant' wait to see more of Rimuru-sama!
  2. It sucks that whenever there's a good, original idea that does well, Hollywood must milk it as much as possible. Don't get me wrong, Edge of Tomorrow is great but I'd rather see a new IP than a sequel that is not needed at all. I'm completely happy with the first movie and I feel I got what I wanted out of it. It was a satisfying experience and it was unique and awesome. A sequel is only going to take everything that made the original special and make it, well...not unique anymore. I guess these are great news if you're a hardcore fan but that is a very small niche I would imagine.
  3. Not excited by this, tbh. I love Gundam; it is a great franchise, but, I don't really need nor want to see a live movie of it, especially when you consider the quality of most live action anime adaptations. At this point in the game, the standard attitude should be "It's trash until proven otherwise". It is not healthy, but it is what one failure after another has led me to believe. Of course, I still want it to be great. You never know, but I'm not really expecting much.
  4. Not knowing anything about the manga, the premise sounds crazy enough to be good but it also has quite some potential to suck. We'll see, although, I'll definitely give it a try once it airs.
  5. If I remember correctly, the mangaka was injured or ill, and he has made no new statement about WT. It may come back at some point, but I wouldn't count on it. Especially when it comes to the anime; WT might return as a manga but I don't really see the anime coming back unless it is proven that there's still enough interest in the manga.
  6. I'm most excited for Catherine the Great. I love Russian history and it definitely deserves more media attention!
  7. Uh, I had no idea there was going to be an OVA. Well, in that vein, I'm not all that affected by this news. I'm just happy to get more Slime!
  8. I'm currently reading the second book of the Prince of Nothing trilogy, The Warrior Prophet, by R Scott Baker. It continues the story of the Holy War happening in Earwa, and the people involved with it. It is very entertaining and remains as good as the first one, albeit a bit more focused on the overarching storyline. It also maintains the dark and violent components, and so far, it's been every bit as engaging as its predecessor. The book I last read, apart from the first book of the aforementioned trilogy, was Steppenwolf, by Herman Hesse, and trying to explain or summarize it would be impossible without absolutely butchering or misconstructing the book; I'll just encourage everyone who hasn't already, to give a read as it's really good and very unique. As for what I plan to read next. After I finish the trilogy, I plan on reading Hard to Be a God, by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky. I've heard it's great, so I really want to read it. I may even put the third book of The Prince of Nothing on hold, so I can read this one first.
  9. I agree. As long as the anime is well done, knowing what's going to happen doesn't take all that much away from the show. Of course, not knowing is always better, but sometimes it's not so much about the ending, as it is about the journey that got you there! As a wise man said "You should enjoy the little detours to the fullest. Because that's where you'll find the things more important than what you want." As for me, AoT has me really hyped, and I can barely wait for it to return! I'm also eagerly waiting for OPM, Sarazanmai, Kimetsu no Yaiba, Dr. Stone, Ebtitsy-chou no Poupelle, To the Abandoned Beasts, and a few others.
  10. She really was. I expected a good performance for a singer, but she gave a great performance that puts many actors to shame. As for Cooper, yeah, he was really greasy, although I believe that helped sell the point of his unhealthy lifestyle. It is not unusual for addicts to not take showers when they're on a streak, and they usually end up looking really greasy. Great movie, overall. Nice cinematography, performances, and music make for a fun watch. Same. I expected more. I had heard it was really entertaining and clever...I just couldn't see any of that. The first half was extremely boring. It takes quite some time to develop the characters and atmosphere, yet it never really pays off as the ending is super generically boring and uninspired. It was almost too B-movie-esque if that makes any sense. The film clearly had budget limitations but they could've made something more interesting out of the premise. As for me; yesterday, I watched John Wick 2. It was relatively fun. The first act bored me a bit as I believe it suffered from the same problem horror movies suffer, which is over-explanation. I didn't need so much information about the Hitman underworld. Part of what made the first one so good was the mystery surrounding John Wick and his world; knowing that there's an all-seeing group of killers was enough. I didn't need to know about their pacts, high table, and what not. The first act gets really caught up on it. We see a really long montage of John getting equipment which serves as visual exposition of how the underworld works, but it was just too much! The movie got lost in world-building which is weird because that wasn't really the strongest of points in the first one. It had only what it needed to pique your interest and nothing more. In this one, world-building dominates a large part of the focus of the film. As far as choreography goes, well, it's John Wick, so that's pretty self-explanatory. I did see more digital blood splatter and Stormtrooper-aim in this film than in the first one. There were also noticeably less interesting set pieces in the first action scenes than in the original. Many fights were very linear and while they're dynamic in terms of camera movement and cinematography, the movements and cleverness of the kills were not on par with the original. The last act was my favorite part of the movie. The last scene is especially good. That's all I say because anything else would be spoilers. Overall, it was a fun watch but not nearly as good as the original. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good (pure)action flick.
  11. No, quite the opposite actually. Many movies, the best movies, require constant engagement and overall audience participation. I don't really like the phrase "Turn your brain off," or well, not enough to take it as anything but slang, anyway. Much like with good movies, the best worse movies are good due to us using our brain to be shocked at how bad they are. Engagement is key. The problem with "A Quiet Place" is not its genre. "Annihilation," also a Sci-Fi horror with a relatively whacky premise and not very realistic science happens to be much, much better than the former. The key difference is that the events that occur in "Annihilation" are logically consistent with the rules its own universe has set up. This means that you don't constantly have to be ignoring parts of the story for it in order to make sense. However, if you have to ignore rules that the own movie has set up, you're in front of a good ol' plot-hole. Plot-holes are not just flaws in "Real life logic". A plot-hole is a flaw in internal logic, and "A Quiet Place" has a lot. So many, in fact, that you are forced to ignore key elements of the plot in order for it to make sense. Suspension of disbelief is a rubber band, and it can only stretch so much. For me, "A Quiet Place" worked more on a technical level than a narrative one. I was still able to enjoy it as I just took the premise as the framework for character conflict, which is why the end got boring for me. "A Quiet Place" spoilers: Of course, aside from the flaws on internal logic, there are other issues; the movie is well shot but isn't really anything special and the characters while interesting, are not developed enough to be great. The best part is the sound design which is really good, so props for that. It's a decent movie, nothing really special. Enjoyable and serviceable but end ups being dragged down by its own plot, premise, and lack of focus on the stronger points of the story. A better movie with a relatively similar narrative is "The VVitch" that is much better at depicting the breakdown of a family as they're being attacked by forces outside their control. Better cinematography, better writing, better acting, better direction. 100% recommended it if you haven't seen it yet.
  12. It is an inevitable path. More and more services will arise, each more and more niche than the last one. The question is, for how long and how many of these services the market is willing to support. At some point, we'll probably get packages that include exclusives from certain networks just as was the case with cable-TV. Now, cable has had a very good run, and will still be around for a while, so I don't see people turning away from streaming services anytime soon. As someone else said, we might see a resurgence in piracy though.
  13. Yeah, pretty much. Instability and uncertainty are what makes suspense because we humans get scared when we're not in control of a situation. When you have such a powerful weapon, all that disappears. Hopefully, Krasinski approaches this in a more interesting way than what you propose, although I'm not too hopeful. The first one threaded dangerous ground, so this one might just trip and fall into the pit of failed sequels. Thanks! I imagined it was something along those lines. I've used many forum boards throughout the years, so I definitely understand the need for such measures. Anyway, thanks for the help
  14. Not really excited, tbh. A Quiet Place had many flaws in logic, to say the least, but it still managed to be entertaining and well done despite a relatively weak script. In that vein, I don't feel there's any need for a continuation. While the ending can be considered open-ended, it is clear they now know how to fight the monsters, so a lot of what made the first movie good will simply not be there. I would definitely prefer a new idea over a sequel. Also, just joined and I can't access the edit profile menu, would you maybe happen to know why?
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