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Sup anifreaks


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yes i said anifreaks. this is not a derogatory term unless your on this forum and don't have anything to do with anime or manga. thus you my friend have serious issues.

i like anime, not a big fan of manga, nothing against it, i just dont have time to read, and i have no imagination. I think the Japanese know something the rest of the world doesn't after i watched Gundam 00.

outside of anime, I am the junior Administrator for a Distribution Center and have a good knowledge of crisplant Sorters and sorting controllers. I love computers but i am more into building and hardware than anything else. I play with RC cars, specifically rock crawlers. I also, do full size desert racing Pit for trucks and buggies and race moto desert. looking to get into full size crawling. I dont play video games much but I'm addicted to fallout 3 more so than i ever was to Halo. although i need to get and beat halo 3 before Reach. anyways. I was one of the muchers that downloaded here and then when my PC corrupted i lost all my favs and found the site again and now have to have a membership to download, which I think is great. it forces those of us that are intraverts which are most when not around people, to come out and share.

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Welcome back then WGZERO,

I took out the sites as it is against the rules here to advertise them.

As you have been here before I don't really think I need to go through the rules with you, but if you do have any questions please feel free to ask me or another staff member.

Type to you later.

I apologize I went back through and re-read the rules as I had forgotten. I will keep from doing that in the future. thank you.

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