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Does Anybody Know This Anime?

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When I was a very young kid--sub-ten years old, so this would be in the 1990s--my mom found a VHS tape at a yard sale which my sister and I watched over and over, though we always had trouble following the plot. Thinking back on it now I recognize that it was some kind of anime, but of course there wasn't any concept of "anime" in the household vernacular at the time. What I can remember of the premise, there's a girl whose parents are kidnapped, and she sets off on a quest with a couple of sidekicks and some new magic powers and tools in order to save them. I remember her having a car which very much resembled the Care Bear cloud cars, being made of clouds and rainbows and stars and driving in the sky. It's kind of weird the specific bits of things which stick with you. There was also a point later on where she meets somebody named Peter, and I'm pretty convinced that the character is supposed to be Peter Pan. Unfortunately that's all I can really put together. I don't seriously expect that anybody will be able to figure it out based on such vague recollections, but on the off-chance that anybody here does know what this is... well, I've been trying to figure it out for twenty years ^_^;;;

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