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Emma English dub

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Don't know if you guys heard of this anime, but the same company that ran a KS campaign last year, Nozmi Entertainment, has recently launched a new KS for Emma. As of writing, the project is currently funded at 119k, which is 61k short of reaching the season 2 dub goal. If Victorian English romance is your cup of tea, please consider pledging so that the entire anime community could also benefit from watching both seasons dubbed.


Full disclosure: I have pledged $200+.


EDIT: Campaign ended up a HUGE success, meaning both seasons will be dubbed. 

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Hello I am New to this site, I did not hear about this, thank you for the info. I liked the Subbed DVD but I perfer a dubbed version as reading and watch are two very differnt experience. I will run over right now and see about pledging. Thanks again. Peace

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