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Why I migrated here..


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Why I migrated here? I was finding anime encodes with flac audio in HEVC format.. And I just happens to be redirected here after cliking information tag on a particular encode on nyaa by someone there. I was just searching the web for encodes with flac audio... Only after coming here I thought I might have found the place and was going to investigate further only to smack down by the error warning that I have to create a post if I want to see any encodes... I will become a regular member if I find the encodes here to be my liking.. You guys might be thinking that I can just know what is the quality just by reading the title but I am just a simple otaku student I have to also take in the factor, the size of the encodes.. I will not be able to download if the episodes sizes are ~ 1GB in x265...
I just wasted 15min typing this.. I don't even know whether I will be able to see the encodes now or not..
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Took you 15 minutes to write one paragraph? Regardless, one paragraph is more than most people bother to produce, so good on you. I can agree with you on the HEVC thing, I'm always happy when I find releases like that. I don't usually look for FLAC except for Shows / Movies I really like, but I can only hope that encoders pick up the pace on x265, more so than previously. I've recently started to convert some of my stuff to x265 myself as well. Hope that download access thing works out for you.

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