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  1. And here I thought this was already one of the fastest sites I frequent. Anyway, not a big deal with the themes, this looks just fine.
  2. I watched Escape from Alcatraz. I expected it to be more drab and dour, but it's mostly just an entertaining breakout movie.
  3. blubbso


    Sounds like your actions are in line with your goals. Just kidding, welcome.
  4. Oh, a new Nolan film? Well, I'm sold.
  5. Yeah, you can't capture Kon's movies in a paragraph, you just have to experience them. Now to watch Millennium Actress and Paprika!
  6. I watched Alien... It was interesting in the first half or so when it established the world, but it didn't really work as a horror movie.
  7. Well, Utena is only slightly older than Perfect Blue. In fact, I looked it up and the Movie was released only 3 Months after Utena finished its run. But I get what you mean - the character designs were out of date even then. It just looks really, really old. But both are totally worth watching.
  8. Well, Carole and Tuesday is directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, so it's a called game. I've also wanted to start with Yamato for a long time, but so far I just haven't gotten around to it.
  9. blubbso

    Status Quo

    Well... it's totally anecdotal evidence, but in all anime forums I'm active in, I came for the downloads and stayed for the community.
  10. blubbso

    Status Quo

    Well, it's a damn shame about the content, but I'm glad that (from the looks of it) the staff came out mostly ok. Also, getting the community up and running again instead of giving up takes some dedication, thanks! As for the indicated changes, I remain sceptical. The does not appear to be a shortage of posts, quite the contrary (of course that might just be a consequence of being down for so long). What is lacking, though, is the interaction of users with each other. A large portion of the post does not engage with what has previously been said at all. It's more or less someone throwing out their 1 or 2 lines instead of a discussion. Rather than encouraging more posting, I would love to see some incentives for engaging with previous posts, and general post quality. That's just an idea and the wish of a still fairly new member. I'm sure you have enough on your plate for now, so take it slow. Also, the idea of downgrading the Server if page load drops is fine, I think. But I always appreciated how friggin' fast this page is. There are not a lot of other websites that run so fast that unread posts are displayed almost instantly. Btw: This used to be CartoonWorld? Holy cow, that never occurred to me. I used to download stuff from C-W's IRC channel. I just found it by chance one day, without coming across this community. Well, the internet is a village, after all.
  11. I watched Jupiter Ascending. Man, that was not a good movie. There are some nice ideas in there, but it needs way more lore to support it and enough time to really establish the world. It doesn't work as a 2 hour feature, but it could be interesting as a book series, a TV show.
  12. It baffles me that people apparently keep buying enough discs of this crap to produce more seasons of it. Ikkitousen is really bottom drawer fare.
  13. Well for me it's a toss up between Macross Plus and Now and then, here and there. One is a seminal work whose masterful direction and soundtrack just leaves you mesmerized and the other is an absolute gut-wrenching tragedy made bittersweet by its subdued optimism. Calling Chrono Crusade "best" is a stretch, but it really deserves a little more recognition. Too bad the first half is essentially wacky antics that tend to annoy the shit out of you.
  14. Took you 15 minutes to write one paragraph? Regardless, one paragraph is more than most people bother to produce, so good on you. I can agree with you on the HEVC thing, I'm always happy when I find releases like that. I don't usually look for FLAC except for Shows / Movies I really like, but I can only hope that encoders pick up the pace on x265, more so than previously. I've recently started to convert some of my stuff to x265 myself as well. Hope that download access thing works out for you.
  15. Well, that would be Touka Gettan. Not only is the story told in reverse (except for a few episodes), also almost every character has two or three incarnations that appear throughout the show, making the show absolutely impenetrable and a fun puzzle to solve.
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