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  1. It baffles me that people apparently keep buying enough discs of this crap to produce more seasons of it. Ikkitousen is really bottom drawer fare.
  2. blubbso

    Best Finished Anime You Have Ever Seen.

    Well for me it's a toss up between Macross Plus and Now and then, here and there. One is a seminal work whose masterful direction and soundtrack just leaves you mesmerized and the other is an absolute gut-wrenching tragedy made bittersweet by its subdued optimism. Calling Chrono Crusade "best" is a stretch, but it really deserves a little more recognition. Too bad the first half is essentially wacky antics that tend to annoy the shit out of you.
  3. blubbso

    Why I migrated here..

    Took you 15 minutes to write one paragraph? Regardless, one paragraph is more than most people bother to produce, so good on you. I can agree with you on the HEVC thing, I'm always happy when I find releases like that. I don't usually look for FLAC except for Shows / Movies I really like, but I can only hope that encoders pick up the pace on x265, more so than previously. I've recently started to convert some of my stuff to x265 myself as well. Hope that download access thing works out for you.
  4. blubbso

    What was your most incomprehensible anime?

    Well, that would be Touka Gettan. Not only is the story told in reverse (except for a few episodes), also almost every character has two or three incarnations that appear throughout the show, making the show absolutely impenetrable and a fun puzzle to solve.
  5. blubbso

    Keep One, Drop One

    Heavy duty
  6. blubbso

    RapidCRC like program for linux

    Just do crc32 path/to/directory/* or crc32 * while inside the directory.
  7. blubbso

    Getting Back into ANime !

    Ok, let's see... It seems like you enjoy combat-heavy shows and don't mind Mecha or lewdness. In terms of Mecha, I suppose the go-to recommendation would be Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, a ridiculously over-the-top action series that is also really well animated. Alternatively, you could try Code Geass, which sort of sits in between the mind games of Death Note an and the mecha action of TTGL. For some non-mecha action, you could try out Black Lagoon if you want guns, or Berserk for medieval sword fights. I'm not really into salacious anime, but maybe you'll like Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance. I'd say thematically it is basically a carbon copy of Highschool DxD, even if the fight scenes may not be as polished. Really? I thought the characters suddenly became so focused on themselves that it got in the way of the narrative. That would've been fine if they had used that time to develop the characters a little more, but by the end of it they were pretty much the way they were from the get-go. Maybe I'm not the ideal person to recommend you stuff
  8. blubbso

    Getting Back into ANime !

    I'd love to recommend you something, but we got no Idea what you like, so it's kind of a shot in the dark. You've listed some anime in the opening post, but not said whether you liked those what you thought of them. Since you are looking for more anime, I assume you liked most of them, but maybe you really hated High School DxD, for example? Also, you mentiond that you want to branch out a bit more, genre-wise. What genre(s) most pique your interest? Romance, Mecha, Drama? A bit more info would make it easier to give you meaningful suggestions. There's something I can tell you, tough: If you've only watched the first season of Knights of Sidonia, you don't need to bother with the second one, the show really falls apart there.
  9. blubbso

    Is my ISP screwing with me

    If money is a concern, some VPN providers offer free service up to a few gigabytes a month. That should be enough for a test, if nothing else.
  10. Interesting. Animator fandom is much more rare outside of Japan. How did you get into that? Especially into an obscure animator from the 80s? I feel there might just be a story worth telling here.
  11. blubbso

    Favourite Early 2000's Anime?

    Indeed, it is my favourite period. I wouldn't even pin it down the the turn of the millennium, but a few years earlier. Now and Then, Here and There, for instance, is a show that is very dear to me and is probably my top recommendation from that time, given that you can stomach it. Be warned, it's not pretty (although the expressiveness of its visuals are extraordinary). Another anime that stands out is Last Exile, a steampunk-inspired adventure story. It excels in a lot of ways: Its worldbuilding is convincing. Not revealing everything upfront, but showing you enough to avoid that "oh sooo mysterious"-pattern. The story is very engaging and takes place in various types of sceneries, allowing the animators to show off a breadth of backgrounds and locations. It also features one of the most satisfying endings I've seen. Some more anime I'd mention are Haibane Renmei, a cryptic afterlife-drama by Yoshitoshi Abe, and Read or Die, specifically the TV series. While the premise, people bending paper to their will, seems zany, anyone who ever got a paper cut knows this is a serious power. Jokes aside, while the preceding OVA was indeed mostly an entertaining action flic, the series adopts a notably different tone with a fair mix of (bitter-)sweet and tragic elements. That time period was also when Makoto Shinkai made Voices of a Distant Star, one of my favourite short movies. It is not really representative of any of the other shows I've mentioned, or even of the era, but I found it to be very moving. I hope you'll find something among these that intrigues you.
  12. blubbso

    Hi :3

    Oh my, I'll be happy to oblige. Are you looking for hidden gems or outright whackyness? In the former case, you might take a look at Figure 17. It's one of those anime from around the turn of the millennium that focuses on children not being able to cope with the world they suddenly find themselves in. It is extremely melancholic and fits in somewhere between the somewhat better known shows like Noein and Now and Then, here and there. On the ludicrous end of the spectrum, I can recommend Sei Michaela Gakuen Hyouriyuuki. This one actually starts of promising and gives the viewer any reason to empathize with the protagonist. But after 10-15 Minutes it quickly deteriorates and becomes this lunatic concatenation of plot twists that only a madman could think up. This is especially true for the second instalment.
  13. blubbso

    Currently Airing vs Finished Airing

    Yep. Me not watching things live entirely unrelated to me finding the shrinking patience and attention span concerning. That wait of at last a few years is simply a quality thing. However, I do spread out the shows I watch over a handful of weeks anyway because that gives me some time to connect with the material. So watching weekly is actually a pretty good rhythm, I just wouldn't do it with shows that haven't even seen a disk release yet.
  14. Well that is certainly more than I expected. Really good job, man. What I would try to improve is the way she rolls off her feet. When running, people normally don't angle their feet that steeply because it is very difficult to control with how much force your heel hits the ground.