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  1. Is my ISP screwing with me

    If money is a concern, some VPN providers offer free service up to a few gigabytes a month. That should be enough for a test, if nothing else.
  2. Interesting. Animator fandom is much more rare outside of Japan. How did you get into that? Especially into an obscure animator from the 80s? I feel there might just be a story worth telling here.
  3. Favourite Early 2000's Anime?

    Indeed, it is my favourite period. I wouldn't even pin it down the the turn of the millennium, but a few years earlier. Now and Then, Here and There, for instance, is a show that is very dear to me and is probably my top recommendation from that time, given that you can stomach it. Be warned, it's not pretty (although the expressiveness of its visuals are extraordinary). Another anime that stands out is Last Exile, a steampunk-inspired adventure story. It excels in a lot of ways: Its worldbuilding is convincing. Not revealing everything upfront, but showing you enough to avoid that "oh sooo mysterious"-pattern. The story is very engaging and takes place in various types of sceneries, allowing the animators to show off a breadth of backgrounds and locations. It also features one of the most satisfying endings I've seen. Some more anime I'd mention are Haibane Renmei, a cryptic afterlife-drama by Yoshitoshi Abe, and Read or Die, specifically the TV series. While the premise, people bending paper to their will, seems zany, anyone who ever got a paper cut knows this is a serious power. Jokes aside, while the preceding OVA was indeed mostly an entertaining action flic, the series adopts a notably different tone with a fair mix of (bitter-)sweet and tragic elements. That time period was also when Makoto Shinkai made Voices of a Distant Star, one of my favourite short movies. It is not really representative of any of the other shows I've mentioned, or even of the era, but I found it to be very moving. I hope you'll find something among these that intrigues you.
  4. Jup, there will definitely be one more.
  5. Hi :3

    Oh my, I'll be happy to oblige. Are you looking for hidden gems or outright whackyness? In the former case, you might take a look at Figure 17. It's one of those anime from around the turn of the millennium that focuses on children not being able to cope with the world they suddenly find themselves in. It is extremely melancholic and fits in somewhere between the somewhat better known shows like Noein and Now and Then, here and there. On the ludicrous end of the spectrum, I can recommend Sei Michaela Gakuen Hyouriyuuki. This one actually starts of promising and gives the viewer any reason to empathize with the protagonist. But after 10-15 Minutes it quickly deteriorates and becomes this lunatic concatenation of plot twists that only a madman could think up. This is especially true for the second instalment.
  6. Currently Airing vs Finished Airing

    Yep. Me not watching things live entirely unrelated to me finding the shrinking patience and attention span concerning. That wait of at last a few years is simply a quality thing. However, I do spread out the shows I watch over a handful of weeks anyway because that gives me some time to connect with the material. So watching weekly is actually a pretty good rhythm, I just wouldn't do it with shows that haven't even seen a disk release yet.
  7. Well that is certainly more than I expected. Really good job, man. What I would try to improve is the way she rolls off her feet. When running, people normally don't angle their feet that steeply because it is very difficult to control with how much force your heel hits the ground.
  8. Currently Airing vs Finished Airing

    Well I do. In fact, I think life would be quite troublesome if you can't even wait a single week for things. Regardless, I only watch finished anime, a few years after it aired at the earliest. That way, I can be somewhat sure to get the best version of it that is out there. I really can't understand how people are putting up with unpolished, and sometimes censored TV versions when there are so many great disk releases out there...
  9. Good morning, Vietnam

    Greetings, everyone! First off: I'm slightly confused as to whether new people should create a thread or post in the pinned "Welcome to Kametsu" thread. Apparently people do both? I opted for a thread since it seems replies would be hard to follow in that one thread, hope that's ok. I found this place... maybe a week ago while searching for Moribito and put creating an account here on my dreadful ToDo-List. (Which, among other things, contains sending a signed contract back to my electricity supplier, so if you don't hear from me for a while, that's why. Anyway, don't have any stamps right now, so I might as well get this one done). So yeah, I came for the downloads but if past experience is any indication I'll stay for the chatter. Mostly I enjoy recommending stuff to anyone willing to listen, but if your question is "something like Highschool DxD", I really can't help you. I'm more into the shows with a serious tone, something that feels meaningful. The silly stuff is also enjoyable from time to time, but I'm not the go-to guy for that. That being said, I read way more than I write, but I reckon that I'll be around regularly, so feel free to drop me a line or highlight me. Best regards, blubbso